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Path of the Midnight Sun is a tale about self-acceptance, with a good balance between comedy and tragedy. As your mental state affects combat, you will be required to craft, cook and care for your companions in order to survive against unforgiving hordes of monsters. But be mindful - Time is limited, and every choice is meaningful.

About the game

path of the midnight sun (2022)

Original Soundtrack, Lead Audio, Additional Sound Design

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Dream of Darkness - TBA

Soundtrack, Sound Design, Audio Programming

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This is a small video game project made by us!
We are composers, certainly not programmers, but who have ventured into creating a virtual tour of our studio where it will be possible to interact with objects, musical instruments and some minigames.

KALEIDOGAME was made through the use of Fmod Studio, Unity and Game Creator.

About the game


Soundtrack, Audio Programming, Game Development, Design

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Reach the top by putting all your skills to the test in this arcade classic, avoid dangers along your way, follow in the footsteps of the "Legendary Bandit" and rewrite history!

About the game

Bandit Jump (2021)

Orignal Soundtrack, Sound Desing, Audio Programming

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Storiella Blu - Andrea Caranfil (Prod. KALEIDOSTUDIO)
Riproduci Video